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Of Us Chapter Four
“Can I Vegeta, pleeease?” pleaded Goku too cutely; so preciously Vegeta did not even feel the usual annoyance and urge to correct Goku’s persistent “can” with the appropriate “may”. It was too extraordinary that a soul could grow so immensely; be so vast, inscrutable and powerful, and yet somehow remain so pure and blameless. Just as Piccolo was wonderfully attractive in his own ways; so was Goku in his. And he realized then part of why he had loathed him so much at one time long ago was that incomprehensible power and inscrutable presence wrapped in such pristine untouchable innocence; the irony that it was a huge part of that which eventually allowed him to love him, fall in love with him, not lost on him.
“Pretty please Vegeta?” You let Piccolo. Aren’t I yours too?
“Alright Kakarotto.” Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention during our love sessions.
He almost came, at Goku’s joyously ex
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Let Love Pour by SETBLKYOEM Let Love Pour :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 1 0 To My Last Breath--Complete by SETBLKYOEM To My Last Breath--Complete :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 4 2 I Will Defeat You One Day... Son Gokuu--Complete by SETBLKYOEM I Will Defeat You One Day... Son Gokuu--Complete :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 1 2
Of Us: Chapter Three
“Anou… Not that I don’t appreciate it, but the three of us have been hangin’ out every day since our movie marathon a month or so ago. Don’t get me wrong, I love hangin’ out and sparring with you guys: there’s no one in the universe I’d enjoy it more with. ‘M just curious as to why you suddenly wanna spend so much time with me. Is there somethin’ I don’t know about?” Please don’t tell me one of you is dying. I couldn’t take it. I don’t smell death on you. What…?
Piccolo and Vegeta shared a serious look then, each taking a deep breath before looking back to an increasingly panicking Goku.
He thinks one of us might be dying Vegeta. I don’t have to read his thoughts to know that: just look at his face. We must tell him now. I cannot really believe we’ve wanted this long.
Yeah. I had thought waiting and sharing more time with him would help, but we’ve actually g
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Of Us: Chapter Two
Goku’s large dark childlike eyes peered around the vast home theatre with awe and wistfulness. Despite their regular sparring regimen for many decades now, he had yet to really go inside Vegeta’s own grand ivory hued domed home on the gigantic mountain island he had claimed seeming ages ago. After Bulma’s death, Vegeta had searched Earth for a most inhospitable place to humans but perfect for him and training, a place he could train and live on in relative peace; leaving Capsule Corporation to his offspring’s offspring. He could no longer stand the place once she—the one who had tolerated all his bull, rude pomposity and arrogant temper tantrums from the beginning to learn to fully accept and even eventually love him; the one who he had eventually learned to share and return that love to without cowardice or shame—was gone. And as Goku continued to gaze around at all the sheen black high-tech equipment and vast yet comfy red and black velvety fee
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Of Us: Chapter One
Trying to remain positive and hopeful despite life and this crazy world, this is a new and probably strange Dragon Ball Z yaoi romance adventure laced with hurt/comfort, comedy and supernatural. (I’m certainly no comedian, but hopefully there are some laughs here and there to soften the heaviness.) It is written with the understanding that DB Chou and DBGT and most other additives that continue to twist and rewrite original DBZ plot, never occurred in this particular universe. (Though I have come to like Chou, it would take away from this story to include it, especially since it is not yet completed. But I will use certain details that were given later in the entire DB series to answer questions, like Goku’s mom’s name, Namekkuseijin being hermaphrodites, Wakusei Sadara, and any such things pertinent to this particular tale. It is also under the premise that full-blooded Saiyajin can live youthful for centuries to a millennium—instead of a mere approximate 80 ye
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Loving Positive Vibrations by SETBLKYOEM Loving Positive Vibrations :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 2 0 Family Bonding by SETBLKYOEM Family Bonding :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 4 3 To My Last Breath by SETBLKYOEM To My Last Breath :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 2 0 I Will Defeat You One Day... Son Gokuu by SETBLKYOEM I Will Defeat You One Day... Son Gokuu :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 2 0 Togetherness by SETBLKYOEM Togetherness :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 3 2
We do not have to look or think alike to get along or be Decent Beings to Ourselves or Each Other.
We only need listen to that ever pressing Extraordinary Voice within the Best Parts of Ourselves;
The One beseeching with Its all imperatively for Us to wake up and heed Its call
To be strong enough to:
Love instead of hate
Give instead of take
Understand instead of revile
Listen instead of judge
Learn instead of fear
Comprehend instead of rebuke
Be Grateful instead of covetous
Be Generous instead of avaricious
Respect instead of patronize
Include instead of ostracize
Befriend instead of victimize
Heal instead of disintegrate
Create instead of destroy
Recognize the Essential Truths all around and within Ourselves
Realize that the only Veritable Power, Freedom and Salvation has always lived Within Us All
Choose to be Our Greatest Version of Ourselves
The Only Genuine Worthwhile to Our Authentic Souls, The Universe, and Eternity—
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Praying for You by SETBLKYOEM Praying for You :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 6 4 Your Wish Has Been Granted by SETBLKYOEM Your Wish Has Been Granted :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 3 8 Healing Peace for the World 12017 by SETBLKYOEM Healing Peace for the World 12017 :iconsetblkyoem:SETBLKYOEM 4 0


Dragon Ball Super - Realisations: Full Anime Scene by RedViolett Dragon Ball Super - Realisations: Full Anime Scene :iconredviolett:RedViolett 57 30 DBS - Episode 112 Redraw - Full Scene by RedViolett DBS - Episode 112 Redraw - Full Scene :iconredviolett:RedViolett 103 26 Dragonball Super - Redraw EP 112 - Part One by RedViolett Dragonball Super - Redraw EP 112 - Part One :iconredviolett:RedViolett 101 26 Spring '17 Colored by Maiko-Girl Spring '17 Colored :iconmaiko-girl:Maiko-Girl 24 12 Oh ok. by Setting-Sunflowers
Mature content
Oh ok. :iconsetting-sunflowers:Setting-Sunflowers 5 4
ToP Second Half by Chuquita ToP Second Half :iconchuquita:Chuquita 3 4 Halloween run by Chuquita Halloween run :iconchuquita:Chuquita 6 4 The halfway point by Chuquita The halfway point :iconchuquita:Chuquita 7 10 Break me off a piece of that limit by Chuquita Break me off a piece of that limit :iconchuquita:Chuquita 12 11 Bab by Setting-Sunflowers Bab :iconsetting-sunflowers:Setting-Sunflowers 7 47 DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home: Luck 13 Page 37 by RedViolett DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home: Luck 13 Page 37 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 44 20 DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home: Luck 13 Page 36 by RedViolett DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home: Luck 13 Page 36 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 52 15 DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home: Luck 13 Page 35 by RedViolett DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home: Luck 13 Page 35 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 52 19 DBZ - Inktober Day6: The Wall by RedViolett DBZ - Inktober Day6: The Wall :iconredviolett:RedViolett 99 11 DBZ - Grown up under Ruins: Moving Lights by RedViolett DBZ - Grown up under Ruins: Moving Lights :iconredviolett:RedViolett 68 11
This place
This place is old
This place is twisted
This Place is cold
This place is infested
This place feels so saturnine
Everything here is so lifeless,
Staying here would be asinine
This place is filled with wickedness!
All of this makes me go crazy
This place makes my skin crawl
My mind already feels so hazy!
I feel so lost, I feel so small!
Let us go, let us flee
Let’s leave this place, please oh please!
It’s evil, can’t you see?
This place, it gives me the willies!
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A lot of awful things have been going on in the world for a long time now: most things preventable if people would listen to the better parts of their hearts, grasping firmly to love, kindness and generosity instead of hate, cruelty and greed. I just wanted to put some love out there the only way I can at present. I sincerely hope that all decent worthwhile souls get all the help they need during these hard times; that those who can help those who have endured horrible undue cruelties, storms, earthquakes or any other horrid thing or instance that prevents lives from living naturally, healthily and happily do help those they can to the full of their ability. I would help all deserving if I had the power. But at least I will offer my prayers now. May everyone in this world and every other get exactly what they truly need and deserve soon; may rightful equalization and healing take place: I pray for that with my whole heart.

Peace, Love, Healing, Harmony and Worthwhile Be Now and Always~



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Thanks for visiting. Peace, Love, Harmony and Worthwhile be the journey.


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Thank you for sharing the love and watching me. I will update as I can.

Please have a wonderful day!
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